Naga Peace Deal: A never ending quest

Will there be any peace deal ever to end more than 70 years old Naga resistance? To answer this question, it is pertinent to understand the entire history of the Naga issue and the attempts at striking a peace deal to set the record straight on the recent developments.

How Apple revolutionised the tech sector?

The technologies we use today are largely a product of Apple’s creative minds. The last decade has been marked by the iPhone, which revolutionized many industries, created billion-dollar corporations, and rearranged the existing economy.

Algae: A value-added feed stock

Algae is very good source of biofuels viz., vegetable oils, Bio-diesel, Bio-oil, Biohydrogen, Biosyngas, Bioethanol. And there are many other advantages of Algal biomass as Biofertilizers, flue gas, wastewater treatment, and the production of high-value chemicals. But initiative is in initial stage needs to be accelerated, so as to achieve expected prognosis.