Global response towards Covid 19 pandemic, diseases becoming global

Coronavirus disease has presented before us the ill effects of globalization which once were taken as a boon has now turned out to be bane specifically; international migration and tourism. As with global culture and global values diseases like Covid 19 have also become global.

This pandemic requires global cooperation to minimize the health crisis faced by the world today. For that, purpose global funds are being generated such as; G-20 which has pledged 5 trillion US dollars to defend the global economy against Covid 19. We have seen big powers like China assisting Pakistan by providing health workers to combat Covid 19. As per the WHO Joint News Release, published on 13 June 2021, “in a landmark agreement at the G7 summit, held in Cornwall, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, global leaders have pledged to share COVID-19 vaccine doses internationally, in support of global equitable access and to help end the acute phase of the pandemic.

However, ensuring equitable access to vaccines between countries as well as within the country has been a challenge attributed to vaccine hesitancy, supply chain disruptions, infrastructural issues, distribution-related issues especially amongst the marginalized communities, among others.

The crisis in the form of the Covid 19 pandemic brings out a challenge for the global leadership and the community. It also comes with an opportunity to bring together the entire human community cutting across international boundaries. It is hoped that soon we will win the war against coronavirus as we did earlier in the case of MERS, H1N1, SARS, etc.

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