Dogs turning out as a social status, growing trend of pet dogs

Pet dogs have now become more than just four legged friends for humans instead they are now a status symbol and a show piece. The trend of pet dog has grown from past few years in India rapidly. Since dogs are now a part of status of an individual, people are demanding more of purebred dogs. The purebred dogs are not native to India therefore they are sometimes imported and at times deliberately breaded as well.

However in 2016, Director General of Foreign Trade bans pedigree dog import after the case of a breeder who sold 2 Korean mastiff worth of 2 crore to an Indian man. It was hoped this would help in controlling overpopulation of dogs in the country and prevent the suffering of thousands of dogs. Although this has encouraged illegal breeding in the country. Dog breeding is the practice of mating dogs with each other with an targeted intent to maintain or produce specific qualities and characteristics. Dog breeding has become a multi-crore industry, involving thousands of breeders and pet shops. Like any other commercial activity of this scale, protections must be put in place to ensure transparency.

The working of dog breeder is not a secret now. They put dogs in most extreme situations where dogs are not given required size of cage, the sanitation is worse, they are ill-treated and what not. Few breeders are in requirement of the puppies they sell to be spayed or neutered, so they can soon have litters of their own therefore further exacerbating the overpopulation crisis. Breeders do not see dogs as individuals with personalities and specific needs—they just see the dollar signs.

Dog breeding is just like any other business where people desire more profit margins but in a country where thousands of dogs die just because they were left alone on roads and not good looking enough or trendy to get adopted by people seems illogical. No doubt there are legal breeders as well in the market but few in number and one should be aware enough how legal breeding actually takes place.

It was in 2017 the government of India took steps to get control over illegal breeding in India. It is referred as Prevention to Cruelty to Animals (breeding and marketing) rules. However, much more has to be done to completely abolish these practices, bringing social awareness in the society is one amongst them.

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