Case of Fake Cyber Crime Officials in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

A student in Krishnagiri was threatened by 2 men posing to be Tamil Nadu cybercrime officers. The men contacted the boy and accused him of watching porn on his phone and threatened him with questioning about the situation at the station. The scared boy from Pudukkottai (a town in Tamil Nadu) pleaded with them but found no result, later the men agreed to settle with the boy in return for Rs 20,000.

The boy agreed and gave them the amount of Rs 20,000 from his parent’s account. Upon knowing the events, the parents and relatives found out about the scam and informed Pudukkottai Police and the cybersecurity team. The cyber team traced the payment to the account of the hackers, namely Ganesan and Prakash.

Upon finding out the location of the accused, Ganesan and Prakash, the police, along with the cybersecurity team, arrested them on Thursday in the Krishnagiri district. When questioned, the two accused admitted to having scammed students many times in this manner. Now the police and the cybersecurity team are trying to find out how they got access to the boy’s phone number.

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