Confused about, what career option to choose? Find your queries resolved from, Jaskirat Singh Johar

While most universities and colleges have started with their admission process, or are soon beginning to do so, it has left many students confused with queries like, which career option to choose? What would be the best career option for me? How much financial burden the course fee may put up, will it be worth the investment? The author of this article endeavours to resolve all such queries.

It is always advisable to follow the career option where your interest lies otherwise it may turn out to be a nightmare. As you might be reluctant to pursue the concerned course or career option but was told by your parents, relatives or you just started the same because your friend or neighbour was pursuing it.

There is a good chance that it would be told to you by your well wishers (maybe) to pursue the course which they are suggesting as they have seen someone who pursued the same course or career option and got well settled and is earning well and the one which you are considering to pursue does not carry great potential, especially if you are considering a humanities or social sciences subject.

However, concerns regarding earning potential of the chosen career option are valid up to a certain extent and if your parents are worried about it that is for your future. The writer believes that every career option carries good as well as bad potential, at the end of the day what matters is your skillset and not a degree from a reputed institute alone. Even if you choose a humanities or a social there lies a great and lucrative career ahead such as civil services, career counselling, foreign language course, journalism, law, lectureship, teaching, yoga and nutrition and various others.

Another important criterion while considering a course would be the fee structure of that particular course. For courses such as MBA, a big chunk of fees is charged by top B-schools. Therefore it becomes an important criterion to analyse Return on Investment (ROI) before taking admission in any B-school.

It finally falls on you, how you choose a particular course, a career option, or for that matter any college, or university to pursue that particular course. As David Russell says, “the hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn.”

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