Messi breaks down on saying “good bye” to Barcelona

August 8, 2021, will always be remembered for Barcelona and Lionel Messi fans as Messi said goodbye with tears in his eyes to the club for which he played 21 years. When we talk about football, Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi names automatically popups in our minds. A winner of six Ballon d’Or and six Golden Shoes Messi finally said goodbye to Barcelona on Sunday. During the press conference, Messi breaks down into tears and said: “I am leaving but it’s not a goodbye.”

Even after Messi’s confirmation of leaving Barcelona fans are still waiting for some good news but it will be intrigued and shocking for Messi fans to know that club was the one that wanted Messi out of the club. In the recent contract of players with the club, the club made a deal with much-reduced wages. According to Messi, he agreed to stay in the club with 50% fewer fees but the club couldn’t afford the fees as the club is under debt.

This leaves a question of why the club couldn’t afford a player who has given his entire career to the club and won many championships for the club. Well, that’s the answer all Messi and Barca fans are looking for. In the meantime it will be interesting to know which club will sign Lionel Messi as fans from all around the world is waiting for Messi to see in new jersey.

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