Help needed from, University Grants Commission (UGC), Delhi University and SGND Khalsa College says, Rahul Gupta

NEW DELHI: Rahul Gupta who is working as an Executive Leader in Analytics, Product Strategy and Data Science with an online marketplace company has called for help on his LinkedIn profile. Gupta says, “help Needed from University Grants Commission (UGC), Delhi University and SGND Khalsa College.”

He further illustrates by asserting that, “my father was a professor of Mathematics at The Placement, part of Delhi University. He, along with my brother, expired due to Covid 3 months ago on 09/05/2021. My mother, who also suffered the same, was able to recuperate thankfully. The whole incident has broken my family. While the physical and mental pain was heartbreaking enough for my mother, even the Delhi University left no stone to make her life worse.”

Adding to his grievance he mentioned that, “they have refused to pay her my father’s dues after his service for 40 years citing lack of funds and ping-ponging her and me to various departments for the last 3 months.”

Gupta while acknowledging said that, “while I can definitely support my mother, but leaving my dad’s hard-earned money for his whole life seems chilling to her. He was a teacher at heart who dedicated his entire life to students. This whole episode has put my mom in grave mental shock and would wish to seek help from the right folks in the University Grants Commission (UGC) and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) – Government of India to help her.”

Further, he adds, “writing this on #LinkedIn after exhausting all the available recourses, except the lawsuit one. Mails after mails went unanswered. Calls after calls fell on deaf ears. Unfortunately, ordinary citizens have to leave the set boundaries to make their pleas heard on social media.”

Lastly, he has requested his friends by saying, “would also seek help from my friends who might know the relevant officers in Delhi University and from his students at The Placement.”

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