Priyanka Gandhi accuses Modi govenment and Twitter

NEW DELHI: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has accused the Modi government and Twitter policy by doing a series of tweets today. And raised serious questions about the twitter policy.

Twitter has banned almost 23 congress leader’s accounts in the past couple of months. Recently Twitter deleted the photo shared by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that had the parents of a nine-year-old Dalit girl, who was allegedly raped and killed at a crematorium in South West Delhi on August 1.

Priyanka first took out her anger in two parts where she accused Twitter of their policy of suspension only towards Congress leader’s account and not towards the Modi government. She pointed out, why Twitter didn’t delete the SC commission’s tweet for sharing the same photos?

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s tweet.

Further, she targeted PM Narendra Modi for not paying enough attention to real issue of Delhi Police disallowing the lodging of an FIR for 15 hours. She further lashed out saying that, BJP government is suppressing the voice of people by forming partnership with Twitter.

“While the BJP government in cahoots with Twitter lock down the voices that cry for justice, let’s not forget the real issue” she said.

Gandhi put up a question asking, “Narendra Modi, why have you not uttered a single word about this heinous crime against an innocent child?”

In the past couple of months, many reputed Congress leader’s accounts got banned by twitter-like Rahul Gandhi, Sushmita Dev, Jitendra Singh Alwar, etc. After all the tweets there was no reply from an official account of Twitter or of any other BJP or Congress politicians.

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