Appeal made by Rahul Gupta for help from University Grants Commission (UGC), Delhi University and SGND Khalsa College writes, Nachiketa Singh

It pains me immensely to pen down my thoughts, while reacting to the appeal made by a son, whose father, a former colleague of ours died recently under unfortunate circumstances due to Covid 19.

Delhi University is amongst the few educational institutions in the country, which suffered the maximum brunt of the second wave of the Corona pandemic, beginning in March- April 2021. We lost so many of our valued colleagues both young and old, serving and retired, who were the sole breadwinners for their respective families. Colleagues even lost their near and dear ones,including immediate family members.

It’s been quite an emotional roller coaster journey for all of us since last one and half year. But what compounds our mental and psychological pain is the insensitive and apathetic attitude of the administration to respond to such situations in a more humane and sympathetic way. The loss of life can never be replenished but little bit of empathy and handholding are all that is desired by our fellow colleagues and their families,who unfortunately today find themselves on the other side of the wheel of fortune that unleashed havoc in their lives.

A teacher after serving an institution for such a longtime, carries only happy memories and leaves behind a rich legacy to remember and cherish by others under normal circumstances. But, someone who leaves this world untimely before his superannuation due to unfortunate demise, leaves behind a trail of tears and torture for the family, friends and colleagues. The least we can do in these difficult times is to stand by the family of the departed soul to extend whatever help and support we can afford to offer.

There can not be a more disappointing and unfortunate thing than the picture that has been depicted by Rahul Gupta about the manner in which the family is being treated after the death of his father.

This is no time to indulge in bickering or politicking, for the widow of the diseased colleague needs financial support to carry on with life, which she is rightfully and legally entitled to claim. We as a community of academics and Delhi University as an institution of national excellence need to come together to address these deep malaise reflected in our corporate functioning that needs immediate course correction. Hope Rahul and his family get justice soon.

Nachiketa Singh
Associate Professor
SGTB Khalsa College
University of Delhi
Contact@ +91-9891329706 (M)

One thought on “Appeal made by Rahul Gupta for help from University Grants Commission (UGC), Delhi University and SGND Khalsa College writes, Nachiketa Singh

  1. Very unfortunate. The attitude of the college towards the family is very bad. The family must be supported by the institution. A suitable job should be given to the wife of the departed professor. It has become the tendency of minority institutions to be very unhelpful to any staff member in the hour of need. This attitude must be changed.

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