Losses caused by the Himachal landslide amount to 19, Chanbdrabagha tributary of Chenab returns to normal.

Deputy Commissioner Abid Hussain Sadiq stated that a landslide occurred in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday, resulting in the burial of at least 5 vehicles on the road. Two other bodies found in the rubble caused the death toll to rise to 19. Sadiq said the bodies were scattered within a radius of 50 to 100 feet around the bus, which was located between vehicles buried under the landslide.

He added that rescue operations have been repeatedly blocked due to the blasting of the stone.

The Kinnaur regional government in Himachal stated that another cross-line machine has been put into use to track corpses that may be trapped under the rubble.

Teams including the Indo-Tibet border police, the national disaster relief force, the army, and the police participated in the operation. “We hope that by (Saturday) night we can find more bodies,” said Superintendent Sarju Ram Rana.

In addition, the Chanbdrabagha tributary of Chenab, which was blocked by a landslide, has returned to normal.

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