Mumbai court says forced sex in marriage cannot be considered illegal, the man could not be held responsible

MUMBAI: The case involved the couple who got married on November 2020, after which the woman complained that her husband had sex with her against her wishes. As per reports, she was also paralyzed.

On Friday (August 13, 2021), the Mumbai court declared that forced sexual relations in a marriage cannot be considered illegal. Mumbai Additional Sessions judge Sanjashree J Gharat said that when he heard a complaint from a woman who was allegedly paralyzed by her husband’s forced sex, the man could not be held responsible.

“The paralysis of the girl is very regrettable. However, the applicant (husband and family) cannot be held responsible for this. Considering the nature of the charges against the applicant, detention and interrogation are not necessary. The applicant is willing to cooperate in the investigation process,” the session court order read.

The woman also claimed in the complaint that her in-laws restricted her, ridiculed, abused her and demanded a dowry. However, the husband and his family refuted these accusations and demanded protection from arrest.

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