How ‘independent’ are we in independent India today?

(Representational Image: Getty Images)

India is our ‘independent’ country. With the very feeling of listening to whose freedom our mind starts moving, a stream of dreamy flight starts flowing in the mind. If only! This would have been true and we could capture this experience of freedom in some filmy way, albeit for the time being.

To say that we live in a free country, we also show that there is no other person like us in this world with free minded, open minded, open hearted people. But when we look at the reality, the scene is different, something else is seen.

Yes! This is definitely harsh, but it is true. While today we are making preparations to celebrate 75th Independence Day, there is a lot of dependence in it. Even after so many years of independence, we are not really free. We can seem free to say, listen, we can also create such an illusion to show our appreciation in front of people and get praise. But this is not completely true.

Even today, if you go to any corner of the country, you will test the truth of this thing somewhere. Whether it is a matter of leaders-politicians, our families, relatives or it is a matter of working culture. You will not be able to deny the fact that what you see is not what it is.

When our country India was under the British, at that time the purpose of every man’s life was to free India from the slavery of the British. Then he had nothing else to think about. Today the scenario of independent India is different.

In this independent India, we talk a lot about freedom, whether it is about the Delhi gang-rape case (a paramedical student who was raped in a bus) or the Khap Panchayat of Haryana, or every day small and big girls, girls or women. Be it women who are victims of molestation. Whether women are sacrificed for dowry by money-geekers, torturing them, beating them, burning them – all these are common scenarios in India.

Even forcing her to take such a fatal step as suicide and showing society that she was upset with her life, is why she has taken such a big step. Look anywhere and see where freedom is visible in it?

In today’s changing era, while women/girls are equal to men in every respect, there are still many houses in which men, their family members do not like that equality of women. Even today there has been no reduction in the atrocities on women. Even today riots keep happening in India. Many terrorist organizations keep trying to harm India and its independence by using wrong things. Due to this many houses, many families, many villages and towns, many people are being destroyed.

On one hand, the alliances made by the ruling leaders with the criminals are carrying out many anti-social acts, as a result of which the country is plagued by riots, explosions and accidents and let’s talk about freedom.

No one has anything to do with whoever died in these riots, bomb blasts, whoever was harmed. This does not make any difference to those white-collar leaders of the country, nor do they show their interest in it. In just a few days, he manages to defend himself by denouncing terror and those attacks in his speeches.

There is a question mark on independent India even today! If the country of India is really free, independent, then what should be the definition of that freedom, that freedom in the true sense, is beyond the thinking of the common man.

Freedom does not mean at all to be free to act arbitrarily. By forgetting your dignity, unethical acts should be done in public. All the people of the country should understand the true meaning of freedom. The leaders and the general public should also set their own limits. Consider your other son and daughter as your own. What is right or wrong – think before doing this, then only the real enjoyment of freedom can be enjoyed. And then we can proudly say that ‘we are Indian as well as free’.

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