Important announcements made by PM Modi on 75th Independence Day

As India celebrate their 75th Independence Day today Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Red Fort and made some important announcements.

PM Narendra Modi on Red Fort

Just like every Independence Day and Republic Day Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today where he remembered all freedom fighters and Shri Aurobindo on his birth anniversary and paid tribute to their contribution to getting freedom.

PM said, “Next 25 years will be golden period for India, on the occasion of 75th Independence Day we are not here to just get to gather we are here to make new bases for resolutions.”

Further, he said “Small farmer becomes the pride of the country, this is our dream. In the coming years, we will have to increase the collective power of the small farmers of the country, give them new facilities.”

Congratulating to all the Olympic Players PM Said “It is a matter of pride for the country whether it is education or sports, board results or Olympic medal, our daughters are performing phenomenally today. Today the daughters of India are eager to take their space.”

In a further speech, PM made a couple of promises to the nation which are as follows:

1 Indian Railways to become net-zero carbon emitter by 2030.
2  All Sainik Schools in the country to begin admitting girls. Thus far, these were open only for boys. Many girls sent him messages in this regard, PM Modi said.
3 To make India the biggest exporter of green Hydrogen by setting up National Hydrogen Mission.
4 E-Commerce platform for women comprising of 80 million members which will give an idea about products.
5 Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti National Master Plan to be launched soon to provide a holistic approach in infrastructure development.
6 By 2030, the Indian railway to become a net-zero carbon emitter.
7 Rice will be provided to all the poor under many schemes by 2024.

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