President of Russia, Vladimir Putin greets India on the 75th anniversary of independence

NEW DELHI: Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated India on the 75th anniversary of its independence, said: “India’s success in economic, social, and other fields is widely recognized. Your country has a high prestige as a matter of course. On the world stage, It plays an important role in resolving current issues international agenda.” He also said “We appreciate the strategic partnership between our two countries. I believe that the improvement of the comprehensive and constructive relationship between Russia and India is fully in the interests of our two peoples. Part of the process of strengthening stability and security is at the regional and global levels.”

Prior to this, US President Joe Biden also extended his blessings to India on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

“On August 15, 1947, under the guidance of the truth and non-violent message of Mahatma Gandhi, India made a long journey towards independence,” Biden said in a congratulatory message to India on the 75th anniversary of independence.

Joe Biden also added. “Today, the basic commitment to respect the will of the people through democracy continues to inspire the world and is the foundation of the special bond between our two countries. For decades, the ties between our people include a group of more than 4 million Indian Americans. A vibrant community maintains and strengthens our partnership.”

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