Kabul falls to Taliban, how things unfolded?

On Sunday, the Afghanistan government surrendered Kabul to the Taliban peacefully which means that Afghanistan would be ruled by the Taliban Government after Afghanistan’s president Ashraf Ghani fled to Tajikistan. Surprisingly, it took the Taliban only 4 months to take over Afghanistan after USA president Joe Biden announced that the USA is going to withdraw her troops from Afghanistan starting May 1. Let’s have a look, how things Unfolded after Biden announced the withdrawal.

April 14- US president Joe Biden Announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan From 1st May. He told that by 11th September all US military assets would leave the country.

May 4- Taliban fighters launched a major attack on Afghan National Army soldiers in Southern Helmand Province.

By End of May, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden withdrew all of their troops from Afghanistan. 15 districts were captured by the Taliban which included  Nirkh and  Jalrez in Maindan Wardek Province. Dahla dam was also captured by the Taliban in Kandahar Province. As per Reports of the Afghanistan Ministry Of Defence, 405 ANSF and 260 civilians were killed during the clashes with the Taliban. 2,146 Taliban Fighters were killed by the ANSF.

June 16- Taliban executed 22 Afghanistan Army Special Forces soldiers who were surrendering in the town of Dawlad Abad.

June 22- Taliban Fighters Launched major offences in the north of the country, far away from their traditional strongholds in the south. They captured Shir Khan Bandar, which is Afghanistan’s main Border crossing with Tajikistan.

By the end of June, all the Resolute Support Mission member countries withdrew their troops from Afghanistan except UK, Turkey and the USA. As per reports of the Afghanistan Ministry Of Defence, 703 ANSF and 208 civilians were killed during the clashes with the Taliban. 1,535 Taliban Fighters were killed by the ANSF.

July 2- US troops silently Leave their main Military base in Afghanistan, The Bagram Airbase without informing the new Afghan commander of the base.

July 8- Taliban captured the strategically important Karakh District in Herat Province.

July 12- Taliban captures 148 districts from the Afghan Government.

July 15- Indian Photo Journalist Danish Siddiqui who was employed by Reuters, was killed by the Taliban while he was covering the clash between Afghan Special Forces and Taliban in Spin Buldak, Kandahar.

Danish Siddiqui Reporting From Afghanistan.

July 21- An US High Ranking Military Official reported that half of all the Afghan districts are now under the Taliban’s control.

July 26- UN reported that nearly 2,400 Afghan Civilians were killed in May and June when violence escalated.

August 6- Local sources Confirmed that the city of Zaranj was captured by the Taliban which becomes the first provincial capital to fall under Taliban Control in years after the withdrawal of foreign forces.

August 13- After fighting for several weeks, the city of Lashkargah was captured by the Taliban and along with that Kandahar, the country’s second-largest city and the Taliban’s spiritual home was also taken over by the Taliban.

August 14- Taliban captured the Taliban captured seven provincial capital cities; Gardez, Sharana, Asadabad, Maymana, Mihtarlam, Nili, and Mazar-i-Sharif, the fourth-largest city in Afganistan.

Taliban fighters photographed shortly after capturing Afghanistan’s fourth Largest City Mazar-i-Sharif.

August 15 (Fall of Kabul)- Taliban entered Jalalabad and captured it without facing any resistance from the Afghan National Security Forces. Jalalabad was the 26th provisional capital to fall under Taliban rule. Taliban surrounded the Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul from all the sides.

Taliban in the outskirts of Kabul.

The Kabul city was surrounded by the Taliban. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani stepped down and evacuated Kabul’s presidential palace, the Arg and fled to another foreign country along with his wife , whose location details are unknown till now. Taliban’s deputy leader Abdul Ghani Baradar, arrived at the Kabul airport to take over the government.

Taliban Fighters Enter Kabul.

After the imminent fall of Kabul in the hands of Taliban, the security situation in Kabul became threatening for the Afghans as well as well as for the Foreigners living currently in Kabul. All the Foreign citizens living in Afghanistan were instructed by the embassies of different countries to return to their home country after Taliban surrounded Kabul. India evacuated 129 citizens from Kabul after sending an Air India plane to Kabul and also Indian Government is trying to evacuate the Indian diplomats and officials working in Indian Embassy in Kabul . USA president Joe Biden authorized the departure of 5,000 soldiers to Kabul to safely evacuate the US citizens as well as the US diplomats from the US embassy in Kabul. Other countries such as Germany, France, UK have sent military planes and soldiers for the safe evacuation of their diplomats from their respective embassy in Kabul.

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