Mobile Gaming in India is increasing at a fast pace

Mobile Gaming in India has been on the rise and some big factors perfectly mixed together has helped the unprecedented growth of mobile gaming in India, which are the Compactness and feasibility of Mobile phones combined with Accessibility of the internet has been instrumental in the rise of Mobile Gaming.

As per a report of Newzoo, India has a smartphone active user base of 430 million which is the second-highest in the world. Now as per, there were 624 million internet users in India by the end of January 2021. Most of the users accessed the internet on their mobile phones thanks to Jio’s digital revolution and now internet penetration provided by private telecom companies such as Airtel which made the internet accessible to millions and with the help of the internet today the Mobile gaming industry is valued 1.2billion $ and by is estimated to grow to 3 billion $ by 2023.

Accessibility of internet and mobile phones has been the biggest factor which has helped the mobile gaming to emerge in India. India currently has over 365 million mobile gamer’s and it’s keep on increasing. Compactness and feasibility of mobile phones has also contributed a lot when it comes growth of mobile gaming. When you compare Pc gaming with mobile gaming , the major difference anyone would find is that how much feasibile and highly accessible mobile gaming is. In India, where most of the people who are residing are of lower middle income class, people can’t afford a high- end Computers for playing high end games whereas nowadays mobile phones with decent Specifications are inexpensive and it is able to run high end mobile games smoothly.

We can play games in mobile anywhere and anytime thanks to the accessibility of mobile internet on the go. For most people in India, mobile gaming acts as small getaway from the their daily hectic work life whereas for some who plays them professionally, acts as a source of income.

BGMI clocked 50 million downloads recently which clearly demonstrates the popular demand of mobile gaming in India.

In the pandemic ,we have seen so many people seeking out for games which many Indians might have played in their childhood such as Ludo, Snake and ladders and even chess, and thanks to the internet people were able to stay at their homes and enjoy some recreational stuff with their close ones during the dreadful lockdown thanks to Covid-19. Meanwhile, games such Battlegrounds Mobile India and free fire gave mobile gamer’s fame and a source of income on different video game streaming platforms.

Thanks to the penetration of the internet and inexpensive mobile phones, Mobile Gaming will keep on growing in India but parents should keep an eye on their children so that it doesn’t become an addiction, which can lead to several eye and mental problems later on for the child.

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