The Shershah of Kargil – Captain Vikram Batra

Captain Vikram Batra was one among many who unconditionally laid down his life for India. He was born in a teacher’s family and was active in sports, especially in karate. His hard work and resilience got him to the Indian Military Academy, where he was posted with the 13th Battalion of Jammu and Kashmir Rifles.

Pakistan’s mischievous activities led to the Kargil war in 1999. They entered the Indian territory of LOC and captured the strategic territories. The Indian Army and the Air Force marched for a full-out battle to reclaim the Indian territory.

Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Yogesh Kumar, the unit attacked the enemy and captured point 5140, point 5100, point 4700, the Junction peak and the Three Pimple Complex without losing a single life. Captain Batra killed three enemies. He was called by the then General of the Indian Army for his courage.

The Indian army now had a daunting task to capture point 4875. It was challenging, as it was the route from Dras to Mataya. During this time, he earned the name, Shershah of Kargil. The significance of point 4875 was immense, Pakistan had a direct view of the road and the movement of Indian soldiers. Captain Batra, along with 25 other soldiers, volunteered to initiate an attack at night.

The battalion fought and was able to defend the area from enemy firing and successfully captured point 4875. Captain Batra killed four enemies with all his injuries and kept moving forward, he rallied his men to face the enemies. Pakistan’s second counterattack led to Captain Batra sustaining a shot in the chest and then being hit by an RPG. He succumbed on the battlefield. 

The unit with the emotions annihilated the enemies. Captain Batra made the ultimate sacrifice for his motherland, for a future he believes in. The legacy of Captain Vikram Batra lives on forever.

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