Havoc in Haiti

Haiti has lost 2000 lives after the recent natural calamity in Haiti. Rescue workers are on alert and digging rubble to rescue citizens, but heavy rains made things worse.  According to reports, the South-West of Haiti has sustained maximum damage from the earthquake, specially the city of Les Cayes. 

Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency has reported that 10,000 are injured while many are still missing. Reports suggest the numbers will likely increase. According to UNICEF, the misery has swept the nation, and it has affected more than 1 million people. Approximately 540,000 children have faced back to back calamities affecting their future. 

The situation is critical as hospitals struggle to operate because of a lack of medical equipment, staff, electricity and water.  Haiti is in a dire state, and the country has sustained infrastructural damage. The US Coast Guard is assisting Haiti with medevac operations, but more people are required. 

Citizens of Haiti have lost their loved ones. Lanette Nuel from Haiti, who lost her daughter, said, ‘there weren’t enough doctors and now she is dead’.  It is not the first time Haiti has seen an earthquake and storm. Back in 2010, Haiti lost 200,000 people because of an earthquake.

The UN has released $8 million as an emergency fund to provide Haiti shelter, food, water, and treatment. Firefighters are doing everything they can, but the air is filled with dust and decomposed bodies.  Prime Minister Ariel Henry has vowed to utilise humanitarian aid properly, saying, ‘the earthquake is a great misfortune that happened to us in the middle of the hurricane season.’

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