How India can dominate medals tally at International Sporting Events?

When you look at Medal tally of Tokyo Olympics you would find USA, China, Japan leading the top. All the three countries which I have mentioned above have a proper infrastructure for athletes in the grassroots level itself, and culture of sport in these countries has been properly imparted into the young children which make them world beaters. Now, when talking about grassroot level I am talking about the school level.

In India, many of The Physical Education teachers are under qualified for the job. You’ll be surprised to know that only 3-4% physical education teachers in India have played any sport on the national level and many of them haven’t even played any sport at the district level. As my personal experience goes when i was in school, subject teachers used to take the Physical Training classes to complete their syllabus or for revision just before the exams. It might be a small issue when it comes to culture of sports, but later on these small issues turn out to be the monster in the room. When we talk about sports culture in India, the Indian parents should also be held equally responsible. There’s are proverb we have been hearing from our elders since we were kids that is Padhogay likhoge hoge nawab, Khelogay Kudoge hoge Kharab which again puts a dent into the sporting culture of India.

Sports should be encouraged in schools.

Indian government need to invest money in the grassroots of a particular sport level itself so that a kid who is starting to learn about the sport should have a proper training and education about that sport. Private schools as well as the government schools should encourage sports in the early stage of the kid’s education. Qualified PE teachers should be hired in the schools, so that they can impart the best exercise and discipline to a child who wants to be a sportsman Or sportswoman in the future.

Indian parents should also encourage their children for playing any sports of his or her choice so that in future they can make our country proud like Neeraj Chopra, Abhinav Bindra, Mary Kom, PV Sindhu, Indian Men’s Hockey team and many more. The only way we can create sporting culture in India ,is by imparting sports education and training earlier in a child’s education which will not only make him or her physcially fit but also it will help them to become great leaders in future.

If today we’ll take the initiative of promoting sports in country then only tomorrow we would find our country top in the medals tally at not only Olympics, but also in other international level sporting events. I Hope success of Tokyo Olympics has motivated the citizens of our country and made them aware about the importance of sports in our life.

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