Who are Northern Alliance? And why have they vowed to defeat the Taliban and win back Afghanistan

Northern Alliance was a military alliance of rebel groups that were anti-taliban and fought against them when Afghanistan was under the control of Taliban from late 1996 to 2001. The Northern Alliance who were officially known as the United islamic Front for the salvation of Afghanistan was assembled by Islamic State of Afghanistan, whose president was Burhanuddin Rabbani and former defense minister Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Northern Alliance member Hoisting the Flag of Northern Alliance.
Source: (@HajiNoorUllah7 on Twitter).

Northern Alliance was the group with help of whom United States invaded Afghanistan, because by 2001 less than 10% of Afghanistan was under Northern Alliance control so that helped US to establish foothold and Communication in the regions captured by Northern alliance.USA provided both Ground and Air support to Northern alliance using which they were able to win back Afghanistan after 2 months war.

By December 2001, Taliban was defeated and were forced out of Kabul and many parts of Afghanistan. The new interim Afghan government was formed and many northern Alliance members joined the administration Of Hamid Karzai.

Now, after Taliban have again regained the control of Afghanistan, Northern Alliance members and anti-Taliban fighters have regrouped under the leadership of Military leader Ahmad Massoud and former vice president Of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh.

On 17 August 2021, Afghanistan’s Former Vice President Saleh, declared himself the President of Afghanistan following the Provisions of the Constitution Of Afghanistan after Ashraf Ghani fled from Afghanistan. He said that he would continue Military operations against the Taliban from Panjshir Valley and has Sought out for the external support to supply them with arms and ammunition, which would eventually run out if they won’t get any external support.

Afghan Soldiers, who were able to survive the Taliban Offense and willing to fight have started to arrive in Panjshir at call of Ahmad Massoud, as per a twitter user who shared this news in a post.

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