Afghanistan in a state of ‘anarchy’

A heart-wrenching video is seen where a woman is seen handing her daughter to a US marine. Thousands of Afghans are trying to desperately flee the nation, as it is under the control of the Taliban. A woman was seen begging US military forces to save her, she said, ‘save me, they are coming, they will kill us all. Afghans are pleading with the troops to take their children with them, many are 

Afghans feel the world has left them, and they are right. The US was in a 20-year never-ending war, they spent billions on Afghanistan, lost countless lives, aided Afghanistan with military and medical needs. The West kept pushing for a military backup under NATO. 

It is a fact that the West failed Afghanistan, but the government and its military of approximately 3,00,000 could not save its citizens from the Taliban.

The Taliban now has control over the trucks, weapons left by the West and other countries for the Afghan military. Women and children are victims of the Taliban, they are kidnapping and making them get married among themselves. It was from 1996-2001 when the Taliban gained control over Afghanistan until the US intervention.

China and Pakistan seek friendly relations with the Taliban with the Pakistan Prime Minister’s statement, ‘years of slavery’ and China’s vested investment in Afghan’s natural composites and the belt and road initiative. They have accepted the Taliban as the new authority of Afghanistan. 

The whole world knows how Pakistan is the architect of the Taliban by training the terrorists in their madrasas and providing shelter to terror lords, Osama-bin-laden and Mullah Mohammad Omar. Pakistan was the first country to recognise the Taliban. On the other hand, China wants to set an example to the world about the future of Taiwan with the Taliban’s control.

Nothing can be said about the future of Afghanistan. The Taliban is not the same as it used to be in the nineties. Times have changed, they are making diplomatic relations with other terrorist organisations, like Hamas. Lashkar-e-taiba and Jaise-e-Mohammad, which operate from Pakistan, have trained Taliban fighters and supported them for their interest.

Afghanistan cannot blame the West or any other nation, for it must fight for its country and bring back peace for its citizens and a future.

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