Largest floating solar power plan in Andhra Pradesh

NTPC Ltd which is National Thermal Power Corporation Limited is charged to India’s Largest Floating solar photovoltaic project. At its simhadri thermal station which is in Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh. On Saturday, it has started its operations.

After the commission of the 15 MW solar project, then it was declared open, taking the total installed capacity at the facility to 25 MW.

“This floating solar project has the potential to generate electricity from more than 1 lakh solar PV modules. This would not only help to light around 7,000 households but also ensure at least 46,000 tons of CO2e are kept at arm’s length every year during the lifespan of this project,” said the Ministry of Power in a statement.

This project is being up under the Flexibilisation Scheme, notified by the Government of India in 2018. That is spread over 75 acres in RW reservoir with the unique anchoring design.

This project is also expected to save 1, 364 million litres of water per annum.

“NTPC is also planning to set up a hydrogen-based micro-grid system on a pilot basis at Simhadri,” the statement said.

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