UP teen survived critical surgery because sisters donated part of their livers

On the eve of the Rakhi Festival, which marked the bond between siblings, Akshat and his sisters Neha (29) and Prerna (22) shared their feelings in the interaction with the media. A teenager from Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, recently underwent surgery at a major private institution in Gurgaon and hospital officials said it was “the first paediatric double-lobe liver transplant in the country.”

“Just over a month ago, the patient was fighting for his life. He was terminally ill with profound jaundice due to liver failure. He was in a pre-coma state. As the patient was overweight, he weighed around 92 kg, the situation became more complicated,” the hospital said in a statement.

Although both of the sisters are eligible donors, they are much lighter. Therefore, he needs the half liver of his two sisters. During the long operation, it is a challenge to fit the two halves together and prevent them from sagging.

“This is a unique example of the life-saving power of organ donation. It draws attention to the fact that any healthy person can save the life of a loved one by donating half of his liver or a kidney without any harm.” Dr. Naresh Trehan, President and Managing Director of Medanta Hospital, was cited in a statement.

 Akshat now weighs 65 kg. His sisters have recovered well after the operation and can now live normally after one month, the doctor said.

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