Actress Shamita Shetty said that because of the “class gap” in Bigg Boss OTT, she was excluded

In several clips on social media shared by Voot, Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat were on a mission when she and Nishant Bhat started arguing with each other. Shamita called Nishant a “snake” and repeatedly asked: “Do you want people to be happy?” Shamita had previously stated on the show that Nisant had “crossed the boundary” with her.

She continued: “The problem is that there is a class division here. Because I am an actor, because I come from a certain family. I am a class person; I am a person of this kind. I am talking about the world and give myself a chance. People don’t give me a chance.”

Later, she collapsed during the mission and confessed her feelings to Raqesh. “Do you want me to make friends with people like that? You tell me not to fight with anyone, because it’s hard for you. I shut up. I can’t do this anymore… I just said that now there are some things I have to do for myself. I miss you. You want me and Nishant to be friends, and you want me and Divya (Agarwal) to be friends. I can’t do this anymore”.

Shamita admitted she had a second thought about participating in the show, saying at the premiere: “Too much has happened, I definitely think it may not be the right time to enter Bigg Boss’s house, but I have promised to participate. in the program and once I make a promise, nothing can stop me from keeping it.

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