Greenland ice summit experiences rainfall first time on record

On Saturday 14th August, saw the the first time on record, the highest point of Greenland saw rain and not snow which is a worrying sign for the world. The temperature went above the freezing point third time in last 10 years, which made scientists worry that the Greenland is warming rapidly.

Ice is melting at an unprecedented rate in Greenland.

Last Saturday, Greenland summit received the highest rainfall, As per the US National Snow and Ice Data Center after they started keeping records from 1950. Sunday witnessed a rate of ice melting which seven times more than the daily average observed at this point of every year.

A station is maintained by America’s National Science Foundation at the summit of Greenland’s ice sheet. As per a report by them, on Saturday, the facility observed rain at the normally frigid summit, with the precipitation extending up to Greenland’s southeast coast.

The melting event observed on last Sunday, covered 337,000 square miles (Greenland’s ice sheet is 656,000 square miles large), and over the course of three days the ice sheet received 7 billion tonnes of rain. When rain combines with the warm conditions, it causes a major melting event and that event is now experienced by the Greenland summit. The rapid melting of ice is running off into the ocean and it is contributing to the global sea rise which is danger to the coastal cities across the world.

The rapid ice melting in Greenland ice summit is cause for worry not only for humans but also for the animals such as Polar bears who get displaced from their home and have to move towards Greenland’s interior to find enough food. If the melting of ice continues throughout the arctic region then the animals like Penguins, Seals, Polar Bear will lose their habitat and might become extinct.

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