India’s first COVID-19 DNA vaccine manufactured by Zydus Cadila

The three-dose COVID-19 DNA vaccine of Gujarat’s Zydus Cadila has been approved by the drug regulator of India on Friday. It is used for emergency purposes for adults and children of age 12 years and above. Hereby, India introduced its sixth accredited vaccine and is also, considered to be the first vaccine for adolescents.

Zydus is aiming to produce 100-120 million doses of ZyCoV-D annually and has begun to reserve the vaccine, as reported by the company.

On July 1, Cadila Healthcare Ltd, the general drugmaker, enforced the approval of ZyCoV-D. It had a 66.6 per cent effectiveness rate in a late-stage experiment of more than 28,000 volunteers in the country.

Also, ZyCoV-D is the first plasmid DNA vaccine against coronavirus in the world which will be commercially available all over the world. It was manufactured by joining hands with the Department of Biotechnology, which is considered to be India’s second home-grown shot for emergency authorization of vaccine after Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin.

The company stated that the ZyCoV-D vaccine was successfully effective against the new coronavirus mutants, like the Delta variant, in July. Also, it is directed using a needle-free applicator, unlike the traditional syringes.

It was tweeted by the Indian drug regulator on Friday that after assessing the “interim” phase III clinical trials which follow the consultation with the subject expert committee, it has granted ZyCoV-D “for restricted use in emergency situation in India for 12 years and above”. It is to be conducted on days 0, 28, and, 56.

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