A letter to Shershah, thousands of emotions in few words

Dear Shershaah,

Your determination for serving the nation inspired many. I could see that fearlessness in your eyes when you said ‘meri cheez mujhse koi cheen nahi sakta papa’. I could hear these words when tiranga was hoisted and you took your last breath.

From wearing army dress on every occasion to being wrapped in our national flag, you lived a life on your own terms.

You are a pride of your family and they rejoice your achievements and sacrifice for the nation but with tears in their eyes and a hope of seeing you again. From ‘har fauji ka sapna hota hai ki woh ek baar war mein jaae’ to ‘yeh war badi kutti cheez hai dhang se goodbye bhi nahi bolne deti’ you made us all feel the sacrifice and pain of every soldier and their families.

You went on a posting and made a family who loved you so much. From ‘Jimmy sir’ to ‘Jaani, tere ghar se ladki ke ghar tak naachte hue jaaenge’ you left a friend with a promise.

From ‘tune toh ghaas hi nahi daali, haan bhai ignore krne mein toh badi ustaad hai tu’ to ‘Congratulations Mrs. Batra’ were your words but i had a freezing moment with a smile. Dimple is still wearing that dupatta, which you were holding while taking those rounds. Your love is keeping her alive.

From ‘chadd ke na jaawin mainu, tu hi hai sahara’ to ‘Tu milna ni mainu ve dubara, ve tu mainu chadd jaana’ you left your sardaarni who is still waiting for you to return from your posting but your love is defined forever.

You made us all cry but you striked a fear in enemy’s heart. From ‘Palampur ka seedha saadha launda’ to ‘shershaah’ your journey is inscribed in our hearts.

With love,
A girl who got short of words to describe you.

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