India’s first ‘smog tower’ in New Delhi

NEW DELHI: On the 23rd of August, New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal initiated a smog tower which is India’s First smog tower. It is situated behind the Shivaji Stadium metro station in the Cannaught Place area. It is initiated to help decrease the percentage of pollution in the air.

Currently, the project is for Pilot testing. It has a total cost of around 20 crores. It has a height of 20 meters. It purifies the air within 1km of the radius of the structure. Per second, it purifies the air around 1000 cubic meters.

The two-year pilot study will be done by IIT Bombay with connection to IIT Delhi. They will be the technical advisor of the project. The Tower will be examined on PM2.5 of its impact on it. Its functions will also be examined under different weather conditions.

“Congratulations Delhi, India’s First-ever smog tower has been started in the war against pollution. The tower is built with American technology which will decrease the percentage of pollution from the air. If the pilot testing results will be successful then more smog towers will be implemented in Delhi,” Arvind Kejriwal tweeted.

Another smog tower is also expected to start in the last of August. It is in Anand vihar. This tower is 25 meters long. The construction of both the tower is done by Tata Project Limited.

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