Male singer from South Korea Crush and Joy of girl group Red Velvet are dating

Girl group Red Velvet member Joy and Korean singer Crush are said to have a relationship. South Korean media Sports Chosun reported that Crush and Joy are currently dating. The two singers collaborated on a song for Mayday in May last year and, according to Sports Chosun, they contacted after that, and ultimately started dating.

Crush, whose real name is Shin Hyoseob, is widely known for the song “Beautiful” in the Korean drama “Goblin’s OST”. He officially debuted under Amoeba Culture in June 2014, an independent Korean brand focusing on hip-hop and R&B. In 2019, the soloist signed with P-Nation and is led by Psy, a popular producer of Jiangnan Style.

Joy, whose real name is Park Sooyoung, debuted as a member of Red Velvet in August of the same year, and recently returned with the mini album Queendom.

Crush’s agency, P-Nation, previously commented: “We are currently checking whether the report that they are dating is true.” According to reports, later P-Nation and Joy’s agency SM Entertainment both confirmed that the two celebrities were dating.

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