First “Made in India” hand grenades handed over to Indian army

Nagpur: Indian Army received the first batch of hand grenades which are 100% indigenous and it will replace HE 36M grenades which are of World War 2 era. This procurement of grenade will give a major boost to ‘Make In India’ initiative. DRDO and Nagpur’s Military Explosive manufacturer Economic Explosives Ltd collaborated to produce these grenades for the Indian Army in which the former developed it and the manufacturing of the grenades was done by the Economic Explosives Ltd which costed ₹ 400 crore.

The Indian army has ordered total of 10 lakh such hand grenades. The Indian army was in a dire need of such modern hand grenades because the grenades which are being used currently and are being replaced, HE 36M grenades was manufactured by the Ordanance Factory Board(OFB) and were evolved variant of popular Mills Hand Grenade which were made in World War 2. The HE 36M grenades were antique and unreliable in combat situations.

MMHG in two different structures one with fragment sleeves and one without fragment sleeve which results in two different modes.

Multi Mode Hand Granade

A contract was signed by the Ministry of Defense with Nagpur-based private company Economic Explosives Ltd in October 2020. Economic Explosives Ltd is a subsidiary of Solar Industries India limited.The multi mode hand grenades has been designed by the Defense Research Development organisation(DRDO) and Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratories and produced by Economic Explosives Limited.

The MMHG operates on two modes, Defensive and Offensive. In Offensive Modes, the grenade does not have a fragment sleeve and is use for ‘Low Intensity Conflict’ as it offers stunning effect only. This mode can be used when the soldier is in open. Lethal Radius is achieved from the 5m from the point of burst. Meanwhile, in the defensive mode the fragment sleeve is assembled with the grenade. This mode is used when the enemy is in open space and the soldier is in a shelter. The lethal radius is 8m from the point of burst.

Impressed with the lethality of the Multi Mode Hand Grenade, foreign countries are also showing interest in it. Indonesia recently placed ordered for the grenades and many more countries might follow the suit.

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