Who are Badri 313, the “Special Forces”Of Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan?

It might be bit awkward to see the Taliban fighters in full military attire, wearing advanced bullet proof body armor and also equipped with advanced ballistic helmets along with night vision goggles; but it’s true. When Taliban were capturing the cities with ease and comfort; along the road of accession they found some of the most advanced weaponry which were used by the Afghan Army and Afghan Special forces, which were either abandoned by them or it was taken by the Taliban after killing the soldiers.

These sophisticated and advanced body armors,helmets and guns which are worth millions of dollars were given by the US to Afghan army so that they can have an edge over the Taliban but the as the things look these advanced military equipment’s are now used by the Special forces of Taliban fighters or you can say fighters of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ‘Badri 313’ to protect their leaders and for security of the key areas in the country.

‘Badri 313’ featuring along with the flag of Taliban and Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Badri 313 Battalion is a unit which is named after the Battle of Badr which took place in 624 CE. Currently they posses the advanced M4 carbines with optical sights, advanced Body Armors, ballistic helmets which are equipped with night vision goggles and along with that some of the personnel’s wear balaclava to look like special forces of western countries. They use Humvees as their transport vehicle.

The Taliban have released several propaganda video featuring their ‘special forces’ in full military gear and mocking US. In a video released by the Taliban, the special forces featured in a scene which seemed like recreation of a scene of an event in World War 2 in which US Marines hoisted the United States flag on the island of Iwo Jima, thus mocking USA. Although, It seems that most trained and accomplished Taliban fighters are part of this group, but it might be the case of just spreading their propaganda by making some of their fighters dawn the uniform and the military gear. Taliban might have randomly selected some of their fighters and made a special forces team to have a laugh at USA and to show the world that they are also now equipped with some of the best weapons and armory which modern special forces use through out the world.

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