Double Suicide bomb attack in Kabul leaves several dead

KABUL: With many countries evacuating their citizens from the Taliban controlled Afghanistan and many Afghans trying to flee the country to escape from the tyranny of Taliban; there were thousands of people flocking the Hamad International airport to escape the country on Thursday evening. With thousands of people swarmed at the gate of the Kabul airport a Suicide bombing took place near the gate which left 13 dead as of now with several wounded and more dead bodies are feared to be discovered after the attack.

There was threat warning by the Western governments just before the attacks and they told their citizens to not go to the airport or gather with crowd the near the entrance gates of the airport. The first suicide bombing took place at the Abbey Gate which resulted in several number of US marines killed or injured and it also left dead few Afghan civilians.

Locations where the suicide bombings took place.

The second the suicide bombing took place near the Baron hotel which is just few kilometres away from the Kabul International Airport. As per an US official, the attack outside the Kabul airport was definitely carried out by the Afghan affiliate of Islamic State, which is known as Islamic State Khorsan(ISIS-K).

The Taliban leader Abdul Qahar Balkhi condemned the attack at the airport and said, “ As soon as the airport situation is figured out and the foreign forces leave, we will not have such attacks anymore. It is because of the presence of foreign forces that such attacks take place.”

As per a source who was in touch with a witness of the attack with text messages said that as per experience of the witness, there were two separate but simultaneous attacks, one by a suicide bomber near the buses lined up outside the Abbey Gate and after the blast small gun fire took place.

The second suicide attack occurred at the Baron Gate, named after the nearby Baron Hotel. As per the witness, many children were among the casualties of the second attack.

US and many western countries are worried and their presidents and prime ministers are being briefed about the current security situation in Afghanistan which is deteriorating day by day as the evacuation is happening.

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