Whatsapp to soon release an update which will include “message reactions”

Those people who have spent their time on different social media such as Instagram, Facebook,Twitter DM’s etc apps might be knowing that you can react with the emoji to the messages itself sent by your friend. The functionality of reacting to messages is still missing in Whatsapp and I think the developers would want to change that with the new update.

According to WAbetainfo, the functionality of reaction to the messages is under development with some users receiving the reaction on their message but they can’t see because their app is not up to date. The images coming in might be of a build version of the Whatsapp with small bunch of people having access to it or it can be the leaked image where the app is being tested internally by the developers to test the feature.

Cropped Screenshot showing the feature is in development.

Facebook Inc, the parent company of Whatsapp has already provided with feature on it’s own social media messaging app Facebook Messenger and also on Instagram long back. Both the apps have row of 6 reactive emojis which the user can personalize and we could assume that the design of Whatsapp reactions would be similar to that of Messenger and Instagram as it is already in use by both of these apps.

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