World Bank stops aid to Afghanistan

KABUL: As the US troops prepare for a withdrawal by 31st August, tensions are rising in Afghanistan, and the World Bank has suspended all aids to Afghanistan which were due to the country. The World Bank said, it is ‘deeply concerned’ by the situation there, especially regarding women’s rights after the Taliban seized power.

The World Bank is closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and has stopped any kind of financial support for the nation. The US has released a statement that the Taliban cannot access the nation’s gold, cash reserves held overseas. Group of seven countries or G7 has warned the Taliban for further sanctions if they do not let the nations evacuate their citizens.

The International Monetary Fund has also suspended loans to Afghanistan. Kabul was to receive $340 million from the Special Drawing Rights. Citizens of Afghanistan fear that the nation will go back to the 1990s where women were confined at home and girls were not allowed to study. Entertainment was banned, with public executions as punishments. 

The whole world is evacuating its citizens. The World Bank worked on more than two dozen development projects and has provided grants of around $5.3 billion since 2002. The G7 has also made it clear that the Taliban must allow the citizens to leave the country after 31st August.

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