On 26 August Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khan took on Twitter and urged people to stop killing Afghan.

Situation in Afghanistan is getting worse day by day, recently number of people were get killed in Kabul terror attack. Hundred of families are begging for food and shelter and it’s been more than 10 days since Taliban taken charge of Afghanistan but situation of country is going worse day by day.

Afghan Cricketer Rashid Khan took on Twitter on 26 August and urged world leaders to take action against Taliban. In his tweet he said ” Kabul is bleeding again, STOP KILLING AFGHAN PLEASE” with heart break and crying emojis.

Since the day Taliban has entered in Afghanistan Rashid Khan is very much active on Twitter and continuously requesting world leaders to help Afghanistan. Earlier he tweeted “Dear world leaders, don’t leave us in chaos”

Former England Cricketer Kevin Pietersen also came in support with Rashid Khan and tweeted “Rashid Khan is worried, he can’t get his family out of Afghanistan.”

Rashid Khan who was recently playing league matches The Hundred in England painted his country’s national flag on his cheeks during match to support his country following its takeover by Taliban.

On the Kabul terror attack US President Joe Biden said “We’ll not forgive, will hunt you down and make you pay” following on Kabul terror attack. In the Kabul attack, 12 US servicemen were killed and 15 were injured.

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