Doubting the “character” of his wife, the man sews her private parts

MADHYA PRADESH: According to police sources, the 55-year-old accused argued with his wife over suspicions that she has had an extramarital affair with a man from the same village. He also beat her. Suspicious of his wife’s “character”, a man sewed her private parts together. The incident took place on Friday in the village of Mada, in the district of Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh.

Superintendent of Police said that a medical report confirmed that the victim’s private parts were sewn up with a sharp metal rod. “Recently he had an argument with his wife about the same issue. He first beat her, then stitched her private area. The woman managed to flee the house and filed a complaint,” said Anil Sonkar, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP).

In the meantime, the culprit is on the run, and a lawsuit has been filed against him under relevant IPC provisions. More research is being carried out.

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