New vehicle registration “BH” series introduced by the government

NEW DELHI: The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways gave Indian citizens relief who used to frequently change their bases in the country. For those opting for this new vehicle registration series, their number plate will have two letters ‘BH’ instead of the letters which denoted the state where the vehicle was registered.

Along with the series, new element was also added to number plate which is the year when they were first registered. A statement was released by the ministry that the vehicle registration system has introduced for the benefit of the people who need to relocate to different states due to job transfers. The ministry also said that in a statement that the facility will be available on voluntary basis to Defense Personnel, Employees of Central and State government ; Central and State PSUs; and private sector companies having their offices in 4 or more States/UTs.

Ministry of Road Transport and highways also said that new series is being rolled out to make things easier for the people who want to transfer the vehicle from the parent state to another state. Till Now, Section 47 of the Vehicles Act 1988 didn’t allow vehicles owners from keeping the vehicle for more than 12 months in a state other than the state where the vehicle got registered.

Graphical representation of the ‘BH’ number plate series. (Source-Op India)

The Notifications by the ministry also mentioned that the motor vehicle tax levied by the state and union territories at the time of registration if the number plate is BH series on personal vehicles will be 8% if the vehicle is less than 10 lakhs, 10 lakhs if the vehicles Price is between 10-20 lakh and 12% if the vehicle prize is above 20 lakhs. It also said that a 2% extra charge will be levied if it is a diesel vehicle, while 2% less tax will be charged if it is an Electric vehicle.

If the vehicle bears the BH series registration mark then, the motor vehicle tax shall be levied electronically. After the completion of the 14th year, the motor vehicle tax will be levied annually, which shall be half of the amount earlier charged for the vehicle.

The new rule will come into force with The Central Motor Vehicles 20th Amendment 2021 on 15th September 2021, the government notification said.

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