CHANGE- Is it taken for granted, feminism or pseudo-feminism?

In the era of change, we have seen a lot of amends towards women empowerment and women safety, slowly and steadily things are changing. Women have voting rights, property rights, control over their own body and also better policies for their safety.

Though lot more is required especially a positive change in the mindset of society at large. But what will happen if women start taking undue advantage of laws and policies which are made to empower them? The one which appears to be a crime against women could turn out to be a crime against a man.

We saw recently in Lucknow how a girl slapped a cab driver even though the driver does not appear at fault at least prima facie. The girl took unnecessary advantage as it appears by playing the victim card and there was almost no support from the police or public for the cab driver at the place of the incident as per the video footage available.

As usual, the public was a mere spectator, busy making videos instead of stopping the girl. If it would have been the other way round then it could be disastrous especially on social media with pseudo feminists making claims about masculinity, patriarchy, gender-based violence and so on.

Women might at times play a victim card in such situations. However, always declaring women the victim without necessary investigation and trial would be unfair which also is at odds with the feminist belief in the equality of sexes.

There cannot be feminism without equality and no humanity without equality between men and women. As says, Gloria Steinem, “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”

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