Rocket attack shakes Kabul as US drone strike kills ISIS-K suicide bombers

KABUL: The Security situation is Afghan capital Kabul remains threatening as act of violence is still taking place inside the city as evacuation is still taking place at Kabul Airport. On Sunday, A rocket hit a residential house in a neighborhood near the Kabul airport, killing six civilians which including a child and injuring few. It is not yet known who was responsible for the rocket attack.

Another incident which took place in Kabul; A drone strike conducted by US killed multiple suicide bomber who were in a vehicle and supposedly driving towards the Kabul airport to cause a blast. The bombers were affiliated with ISISI-K who carried a suicide bombing on August 26 which killed 182 and injured 150 people. The causalities included 169 Afghan civilians and 13 members of United States military who were securing the the evacuation process. The drone strikes which are being conducted by the US in the aftermath of the violence caused by the Islamic State Khorasa. US president Joe Biden has vowed to take revenge for each life lost by the US military in the suicide bombings on 26th August.

Screenshot taken from a video in which smoke is coming out of the house which was struck by a rocket.(Source- Twitter)

After the drone hit the vehicles, there was a huge blast which suggested that in the vehicle there were explosive materials and most probably it could have been used to cause a terrorist attack and harm people present at the Hamid Karzai International airport.

On Sunday, there was a significant intel was passed on by the US intelligence agencies to the people crowding or stranded at the Kabul Airport gate on Sunday that another suicide bombing could take place and advised them not to gather outside the airport unnecessarily.

According to intel, The ISIS-K have regrouped in Eastern Afghanistan and are also trying to build up new network in Kabul. Last year, US, Afghan security forces and Taliban offensive forced ISIS-K to surrender their stronghold in Nangarhar’s eastern province but after Taliban took over the government of Afghanistan they have remained unchecked which gave them time to reorganize and carry out attacks in Kabul where things remain out of control.

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