Unaided school employees have yet to receive funds three months after Karnataka offered Covid relief for them

KARNATAKA: Teachers and private school administrators say they have yet to get compensation from the Karnataka government, which pledged compensation of Rs 5,000 each to teachers and other staff members at unaided schools across the state as part of its Covid-19 relief package about three months ago.

Nearly 1.22 lakh staff employees in the sector were recognised as eligible for compensation in July, according to D Shashikumar, general secretary of the Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka (KAMS), but the procedure has been delayed due to “the usual difficulties.”

“We request that the government deliver the relief fund to the bank accounts of teaching and non-teaching staff at the very least on Teachers’ Day,” said the general secretary.

The process of distributing the reimbursement was already started, according to an Education Department official, and the data of the staff members were being confirmed using information already entered on the SATS (Student Achievement Tracking System) portal.

 “On a wide scale, some banks have yet to approve NEFT and RTGS requests. This is now being settled, and the funds will be disbursed as quickly as possible,” the official stated.

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