A Historic day for the Indian judiciary as 4 women are now the judges of Supreme court after today’s oath

NEW DELHI: Supreme court got it’s 9 new judges on Tuesday along with whom Chief Justice of India posed for photographs. It was historic day too because a record was broken as 9 judges took oath together. Currently, Supreme court has the highest number of women as judges of the court.

The judges who took an oath today were:-

1.Former Karnataka High Court Chief Justice AS Oka

2. Former Gujarat High Court Chief Justice Vikram Nath

3. Former Sikkim Chief Justice JK Maheshwari

4. Former Telangana Chief Justice Hima Kohli

5. Former Karnataka High Court Justice BV Nagarathna

6. Former Kerala High Court Judge Justice CT Ravikumar

7. Former Madras High Court Judge Justice MM Sundresh

8. Former Gujarat High Court Judge Justice Bela M Trivedi

9. Former Additional Solicitor General of India PS Narasimha

With two women, Justice BV Nagarathna and Justice Bela M Trivedi who administered their oath today in Supreme Court and made history as this is the first time when there are 4 women as judges in the apex court of India. The oath was taken with keeping all the covid safety protocols in the mind. Previously, the swearing-in used to take place in the Chief Justice Of India’s courtroom of the Supreme Court but due to Covid-19 pandemic the oath ceremony happened in the auditorium of the Supreme Court’s additional building complex.

Chief Justice Of India NV Ramana reading the oath to Justice BV Nagarthna.(Photo credits- Twitter/Ananthakrishnan G)

The occasion also became special because Supreme court is set to get its first woman as Chief Justice in Justice BV Nagarthna, as she is in the line for the post in September 2027. She is the daughter of former Chief Justice Of India E S Venkataramiah.

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