Instagram: the world of Generation Z

The relationship between Gen Z and Instagram is quite unique. We can safely say that in today’s day and age both cannot be separated from each other. 

Generation Z are people born between 1997-2012, who are soon to be the largest consumer population in the world. They are also known as “digital natives” as they have been found to spend more time and energy on the Internet. 

Another developing trend amongst Gen Z is their growing desire for personal financial stability. This trend in turn has deeply affected the social media market, and especially Instagram which has given life to the Gen Z culture and independence. 

Generation Z is concerned about their social media presence and is comfortable in and around technology. They are the most skeptical, but the least concerned about brands and the internet stealing their personal data and using that to generate money. 

Generation Z has a unique romantic relationship with Instagram. It is the most preferred platform amongst its members, and Instagram makes full use of it. Studies show that due to the preference for Instagram amongst Gen Z, brands are effectively engaging these largest consumer populations on the same platform. 

Instagram has certainly thrived because of Gen Z, and they’re even a source of news for this unit and are not only about lifestyle and trends. Generation Z prefers Instagram in great numbers, 65% of them check Instagram on a daily basis, showing the massive influence of instagram on its members. 

Apart from trends, lifestyle, and news Gen Z has also started using Instagram as a platform to start their own small businesses, for example, thrift shops, handmade jewellery, and much more. It is also used as a political mobilizer, as we can see from the black lives matter movement, LGBTQ, and many more social and political movements. 

Gen Z is overwhelmingly choosing Instagram over everything and has certainly become their go-to-mode, concerning many aspects of their life be it social, political, and even financial. 

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