Texas: No Abortion after six weeks into pregnancy

TEXAS: In the US state of Texas a law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy came into effect. It is one of the most extreme abortion laws in the whole country, an emergency appeal was made to the Supreme court by abortion providers, the court didn’t respond.

The law has been criticized by the doctors and women’s rights groups, it gives power to individuals for suing doctors who perform an abortion after six weeks.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the “Heartbeat Act” into law back in May, which was followed by an appeal to the Supreme Court by right groups such as Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) to block the legalization of law.

Today ACLU confirmed that the court has not responded to their request, leaving millions of people from access to abortion. The group, which says that 90% of abortions are done after the six-week mark, called this new law is “blatantly unconstitutional”. The Supreme court still has the power to revoke the ban. But seeing their current stance on the situation it is unlikely to happen.

Under this new law, abortion is prohibited after detection of fetal heartbeat, the problem is that it happens before a woman learns about her pregnancy. There is no exception even if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, the only exemption is for “medical emergencies”.

Clinics across Texas were filled up with people hours before the ban came into effect, many clinics will have to shut down because of this law. The Supreme Court’s failure to respond prompted a furious backlash from supporters of abortion rights just after the law went into effect.

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