Islamic State inspired “extremist” stabs 6 in Auckland before being shot dead by the police

AUCKLAND: The New Zealand police on Friday shot down an extremist individual who was inspired by the ideology of Islamic State after he stabbed 6 people in a broad daylight in a shopping mall in the city of Auckland. He was under 24 hours surveillance by the undercover police officers of New Zealand.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern expressed her grievance and was gutted by the fact that the man who was a Sri Lankan national was able to carry out the “hateful” attack even though he was under surveillance by the police. According to the PM Ardern, the man who had arrived in New Zealand in 2011, entered a shopping mall in suburban district of Auckland and seized a knife from a display before going on a stabbing spree.

Police officers outside the mall following a knife in a shopping mall in Auckland, New Zealand.(Photo credits-TVNZ via Reuters TV)

Before the man was shot dead by the police, he was able to stab 6 people in a minute; three people currently are in critical medical condition. The terrified people present in the mall ran for the exits and a video footage which was shot by a bystanders showed men running towards the incident before a number of gun shots were fired.

After the Christchurch Mosque attack in 2019, the New Zealand police authorities are on the watch out for such hate attacks against the New Zealanders as there was an instance of similar attack in May when four people were stabbed in a supermarket in Dunedin.

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