The students of Delhi University demand that colleges be reopened

NEW DELHI: Schools and colleges in Delhi will reopen as of September 1 following approval by the city government. In response, Delhi University said the decision for resuming offline classes is still being debated. 

There are several tweets from students expressing their disappointment, with the hashtag #ReopenDU. DU students have requested the reopening of colleges, as many expressed concerns with respect to disruption in education caused by the pandemic.

At the Vice Chancellor’s Office in Delhi University, members of the All India Students Association, AISA, protested for the reopening of campus. Students also protested outside the Art Faculty, Delhi University, North Campus against the closed doors.

The Government of Delhi has issued guidelines for the re-opening of schools and colleges, thermal screenings, alternate seating arrangements in classrooms, and refusing routine guests are all among the directives, but the reopening of Delhi University is still being debated internally by DU.

“Our students are located all over India and we do not want to create a panic situation for them. We will reopen in a phased and careful manner so that no student is put in danger or inconvenienced. We will be reopening after discussions and in a systematic manner,” said PC Joshi. 

The VC also added “We will reopen for some students, then see the situation.. when we gain more confidence, we will open up for more students”. 

Since March last year, Delhi University had closed its doors for physical classes due to the onslaught of Covid. Students in their final year were, however, permitted to go to colleges to access labs in February of this year. But, after a second Covid outbreak in April, classes were suspended again. 

The Delhi University students are eager to return to their colleges and resume offline studies. Many have communicated their disappointment through social media and expressed their inability to understand and learn through the online mode. 

The final decision to reopen Delhi University colleges will be taken within this week, said DU’s Vice-Chancellor PC Joshi. 

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