China-Pakistan alliance

WASHINGTON: The former US Diplomat Nikki Haley believes that the US needs to keep a close watch on China after its recent relations with the Taliban. Pakistan has already planned to wage war in Kashmir. 

She also said that President Joe Biden has lost the confidence and trust of the nation and its allies after the hasty decision of troops to pull out from Afghanistan. The US needs to come back strong because of the recent cyber security issues and China’s role in Afghanistan. 

There are a lot of issues with the Taliban, such as the plan to officially nominate their cabinet with the co-founder of the Taliban, Mullah Barader taking over as the President. The Taliban’s recent remarks about Kashmir are a matter of concern. 

The US needs to strengthen its position with its allies and strengthen its military reach in Asia. Nikki Haley believes the US needs to reach its closest allies, India, Japan, and Australia, to assure them that the US has its back.  She also said the US needs to play the role against anti-terrorist activities by any country in South Asia. The recent Jihadist activities and situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan is one example. 

Nikki Haley stated that, “if you look at the fact that the Jihadists are celebrating in the streets because America has run of town – and they left the with billions of dollars, the worth of equipment and ammunition as a housewarming present.” It all speaks about the length one nation goes.

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