Helmet – a cleverly chosen title

Writer-Director Satram Ramani’s ‘Helmet’ is an unusual comedy film released on Zee5 which delivers a social message about the importance of condoms in birth control and that it is okay for men to get vasectomy done. The satire of the film was good but lacked entertainment.

Movie is based in UP, where a boy named Lucky (Aparshakti Khurana) who is a lead singer in a wedding band falls in love with a girl named Rupali (Pranutan Bahl) who basically sources flowers for wedding arrangements.

Here, Lucky is trying to convince the girl’s father who has already fixed her marriage with someone else. But there is a twist in the film where Lucky with his friend Sultan steals boxes of condoms and starts selling them to earn a good amount of money so that he can impress Rupali’s father. This twist is entertaining and keeps the movie alive.

Helmet took a risk and it was much needed in a country like India to consider such taboos and educate about how condoms play an important role in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. It also shows that sex workers serve an important role in the society.

In a film, the writing, direction and editing are an important aspects but Helmet is lacking these three. If we talk about acting, all the actors did an average job.

Satram Ramani’s ‘Helmet’ was not a game changer like Vicky Donor but it’s worth appreciating for how it highlighted such a social issue in a conservative country like India where sex and birth control are not yet discussed openly even in 2021.

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