Why only 5 countries will be playing Test Cricket by 2026?

NEW DELHI: Former England Captain Kevin Pietersen tweeted on September 4 and said “In 2026 there will only be a few Test Match cricketing nations. ENGLAND, INDIA, AUSTRALIA Possibly SOUTH AFRICA & PAKISTAN.”

In his tweet he said England, India and Australia will be the leading countries in Test Cricket and may be South Africa and Pakistan if their boards could survive.

Kevin omitted the New Zealand from his list who has won the first ever World Test Championship without giving any specific reason for it.

Replying to Kevin’s tweet one fan asked “Ever heard of the World Test Championship champ?” for which Kevin replied “Yep! Won’t be around in 2026! No kids want to play Tests! It’s history will help it’s survival with the bigger boards. Nothing against NZ at all. I’m just saying what I’m starting to see.”

On asking exclusion of New Zealand from his list he said “Nothing against New Zealand at all”

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