Afghan universities reopen with strict rules and curtains between male and female students

KABUL: Private Afghan universities reopened their colleges on Monday after the war-torn country under the leadership of Taliban allowed it to happen. Taliban who have promised that their current tenure would allow women to study and promised little more equality when it comes to education for the women in Afghanistan which was completely missing when they were power from 1996-2001.

Although the female students are allowed to study in the university but still there are some strict rules were imposed by the Taliban when it comes to clothing of the women in the university and also the seating arrangement. Taliban also imposed strict rule on the teacher who are going to teach them in the university.

A document was released which contained list of instructions made by the Taliban’s education authority on Saturday for the reopening for the colleges which ordered women to wear an abaya robe and niqab and the classes should be segregated by gender-or at least divided by a curtain.

The document also contained an order that female students should only be taught by the other women. If there some hurdles to this then, “old male with good character” can allowed to teach them. “Universities are required to recruit female teachers for female students based on their facilities.” the education authority said

Another rule the document contained was the men and women must use separate entrances and exits, and female students must leave five minutes earlier from the class so that they don’t mix with other male students. After female students leave the class, they can wait in the waiting room and can only leave the building when male students have left the university campus.

Photographs of Aamag News agency showing how women and men are separated by a curtain in a classroom.

“Systematic prevention of women’s participation” and “a gap between the Taliban’s commitments and actions” was quoted by an Afghan lecturer who worked at the city university while talking to to the AFP.

Although there are some positive signs, but still some of the actions committed by the Taliban have shown that they can’t be trusted with equalities and rights of women. A news report came yesterday that a pregnant policewoman lady was brutally murdered by the Taliban in front her husband which Taliban have denied but it’s hard to believe them because of the atrocities they had committed against women by their previous regime.

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