Balochistan suicide bombing, three soldiers killed

BALOCHISTAN: A suicide bomber with explosives detonated near Quetta, killing three soldiers. According to the police officer in Quetta, the suicide bomber ran towards the checkpoint with 6kg of explosives and hit the vehicle in convoy. 

The banned military group, Pakistan Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the attack. TTP has been a part of the Afghan Taliban and has taken steps against the Pakistan military. 

Pakistan has faced attacks in Balochistan taken out by separatist groups, Balochistan Liberation Army, and Balochistan Liberation Front because of Pakistan and China’s Economic Corridor, which includes road, power plants, and other developments. 

Balochistan is rich in natural minerals and gas, and Balochistan has been vocal about the atrocities Pakistan has put on them for ages, taking away their identity. Balochistan has also taken the matter to the UN and has called for Independence from Pakistan. China, on the other hand, has invested billions of dollars in the project. 

There have been a number of attacks on Chinese and Pakistanis for the economic corridor. Last month a suicide bomber detonated near a vehicle with Chinese workers in Gwadar. The attack was not taken lightly by Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

The recent attacks by the TTP and Balochistan have questioned Pakistan’s security forces, as few projects have been halted. 

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